News of April 2019
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News of April 2019


IRAN: The major Pistachio Supplier
Pistachio production within the EU doesnot cover domestic demand, so a significant amount of pistachio from Iran is imported into the European market.
The European union is one of the main importers of pistachios in the world. Iranian pistachio holds the biggest share of European pistachio market.
Iran pistachio is the main rival of United States pistachios, its flavor and texture is incomparable with United states pistachios and this is the main privilege of this product. (Quoted from MehrNews 10- 04 -2019) news of April 2019.

Iran Pistachio

PISTACHIO 2020 Good Year for Iranian

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IRAN: One billion USD dollar worth of almonds are produced in Iran every year.
Some 160,000 tons of sweet almond valued at close to $1 billion are produced in Iran every year, of which around 4,000 to 5,000 tons worth $25 million are exported to 26 countries, including Turkey, India, Germany and the littoral states of the Persian Gulf, according to Ramezan Rouintan with the Ministry of Agriculture.
The official added that per capita almond production in Iran stands at 2 kilograms per year, whereas the global figure is in the neighborhood of 400 grams.
In Iran, more than 160,000 hectares of orchards are under almond cultivation. The main producers of this nut include Fars, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari, Khorasan Razavi, Hamedan, Markazi, East and West Azarbaijan, South Khorasan, Yazd, Kermanshah, Qazvin and Lorestan provinces. (Quoted from Theclippermag 12 April 2019).News of April 2019 .


Iran: Exports to Russia up 36 percent in 2018
As reported by Eghtesadonline this Sunday, Iran exported US$533 million worth of commodities to Russia in 2018. This is a growth of 36 percent in Iran’s exports to the northern neighbor, compared to the year before.
Iran’s exports mainly included pistachio, raisins, dates, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, fish, shrimp, milk, cheese, tea, kiwi fruit and cabbage, according to Farhad Parand, Iran’s commercial attaché in Russia. The trade between Iran and Russia stood at 1.74 billion dollars in 2018, registering a 2-percent growth from 2017, Parand added, (Quoted from Hortidaily 19-04-2019).News of April 2019.


IRAN: Date exports amount to $307m in 11 months
Over 274,000 tons of dates worth $307 million were exported from Iran in the 11 months of the last fiscal (March 21, 2018, to Feb.19). Data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration shows that some 112,000 tons (40%) of the total exports included Mazafati dates – a popular cultivar of the date grown in southern Iran, mainly in Bam, Jiroft, Kahnuj, Saravan, Nikshahr.
According to Eskandar Zand, an advisor to the agriculture minister, date production in Iran has increased by 18% in the last 10 years. The considerable jump could help the country raise its date exports, as a high-revenue crop, to 400,000 tons per year. (Quoted from Mehrnews 14-April -2019).News of April 2019.


IRAN: Saffron price hits $2600 per Kg in current Iranian year
In an interview with Tehran-based English newspaper, Iran Daily, Gholamreza Miri added Iran produced saffron valued at $373.33 million in the year to March 2018.
He noted that according to figures released by Iran’s Agricultural Jihad Ministry, Iran produced 336 tons of saffron in the year to March 2018.
Miri said in this period, saffron was sold at about $1,111 per kilogram in domestic and foreign markets. He put the area of land under saffron cultivation in Iran at 125,000 hectares in the same time-span, adding this area has increased by 20 percent since March 20, 2018.
Miri said a number of measures have been taken to increase efficiency and productivity in domestic saffron production including leveling the farmlands and improving their quality, using suitable fertilizers, planting bigger saffron corms and applying more effective irrigation systems. These measures, he added, have helped increase average saffron production, noting thanks to these measures, Iran’s average saffron production is expected to reach 4.5 kilograms per hectare in the year to March 2019, from 3.5 kilograms in the previous 12 month period.’Thus, Iran’s saffron production is expected to rise 15 percent by March 2019.’ He said according to unofficial figures, domestic saffron output, which reached 450 tons in the 12-month period ending March 2018, will amount to 500 tons by March 2019. He added currently, Iran exports saffron to 47 countries including the UAE, Spain, China, Hong Kong, India, Germany and France as well as the Persian Gulf littoral states. (Quoted from Irna 12-04-2019).News of April 2019.

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