PISTACHIO Pre-Harvest Forecast for 2023 Crop

pistachio Pre-Harvest Forecast for 2023 Crop According to the Iran Pistachio Association's pre-harvest forecast, the 2023 crops will yield around 120,000 MT of pistachios with the 2018 estimated carry-over of…

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News of September 2018

PISTACHIO IRAN: Iran’s Pistachio Crop Report News of September 2018 ,To date, approximately 50% of Iran’s pistachio orchards have been harvested, with the crop quality being better compared to crop-year…

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News of November 2019

PISTACHIO IRAN: Some 17,000 tons of pistachios harvested in central Iran (News of November 2019) News of November 2019 Governor of Anar County, Kerman province, (News of November 2018) central…

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News of November 2018

PISTACHIO Iran Pistachio Exports Grow 31% to 27K Tons (Mar-Sep 2018) A total of 27,578 tons of pistachios worth around $270 million  export from Iran to 70 countries during the…

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News of May 2019

  PISTACHIO ,ALMOND ,RAISIN News of May 2019 ,Iranian pistachios Prospects for boosting production for the coming new season, News of May 2019 Good news for Iranian pistachio is that…

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News of March 2020

PISTACHIO IRAN: Iranian pistachio exports similar to previous years News of March 2020, The Iranian pistachio exports were at normal volumes this January, reaching a similar level to those of…

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News of January 2020
Mazafati date

News of January 2020

News of January 2020 PISTACHIO IRAN: Pistachio production reaches 320K tons so far  Pistachio in Iran are grown for the export market. Pistachio is one of the major exports by…

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