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We are a member of the Iran Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Australia, Italy, Canada, and England Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well.

About Farzin Group companies

Company Name: Dried Fruit Exporter (affiliated with Farzin Rock Stone Co.)

Trade name: Dried Fruit Exporters (DFE).

Established: 1999

Ownership: Private

Total number of employees in office: 12 members in head office

Registered License: 414446 at Ministry of Commerce & industry

Export, Import, Processing & Manufacturing

Pistachio, green peeled pistachio kernel, natural pistachio kernel, saffron, raisin, dried fig, date, walnut, almond, dried apricot.

Iran head office

Name : Mrs. Katayun Mohammadi

Title: Member of Board & Food Quality Control Technologist (dried fruits and nuts technologist)

Address: 4th Payman Alley, Payman St., Eskan St, Phase 1, Hashtgerd New City. Tehran – Iran

Telephone: +98-2122092060 ,+98-2122092057

Cell & WhatsApp : +98-9121060086

E-Mail: info@driedfruitexporter.com

Web site: www.driedfruitexporter.com

Name: Mr Farzin Alijani

Title: Member of Board

Name: Mrs. Nosrat Hosseini

Title: Member of the board



Dried Fruit Exporter


Unit E, 2nd Floor, Allameh Tower, North Allameh Street, Saadat Abad,Tehran, Iran

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