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Updated 2024   Almond page Almond History The almond is botanically a stone fruit related to the cherry, the plum, and the peach. Almonds are mentioned as far back in…

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News of September 2018

PISTACHIO IRAN: Iran’s Pistachio Crop Report News of September 2018 ,To date, approximately 50% of Iran’s pistachio orchards have been harvested, with the crop quality being better compared to crop-year…

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News of June 2019
long pistachio ahmad aghaee

News of June 2019

News of June 2019 PISTACHIO IRAN: Why Iranian Pistachio? Currently Iran tops the list with the high quality production of 472,097 metric tons. News of June 2019 Iranian pistachios offer…

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news of August 2019
Fandoghi Pistachio

news of August 2019

PISTACHIO IRAN: Iran’s Big Share of Indian Market Indian subcontinent has been the main market for the pistachio of Iran through June (9000 MT). Out of 16000 MT of pistachio…

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News of August 2018

PISTACHIO IRAN: Iran’s most expensive export product Pistachio was the most expensive product among Iran’s exports. Iran sold each ton of pistachio at $8,058 in the 11-month period, however the…

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News of April 2019
pistachio akbari

News of April 2019

PISTACHIO IRAN: The major Pistachio Supplier Pistachio production within the EU doesnot cover domestic demand, so a significant amount of pistachio from Iran is imported into the European market. The…

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