Pistachio Kernel Info

Pistachio Kernel Info

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Natural Pistachio Kernel These are prepared from closed-mouth pistachio and, therefore have a very fresh flavor. Natural Pistachio kernel is in red and cream color. Available in three types. Pistachio Kernel Info.

long pistachio Kernel,  Jumbo pistachio Kernel, Round pistachio Kernel

Akbari pistachio

Green Pilled Pistachio Kernel

Iran Pistachio

Green Pistachio Kernel

Green kernel Pistachio is a natural product with an extraordinary green color that is used in ice cream, cookies, and sausages

Available in the below grades .  Super Grade- Very Green Kernel,  A Grade- Green Kernel, B Grade-Normal Green Kernel, Pistachio Kernel Info.

C Grade- Light Green Kernel

D Grade- Yellow Green Kernel

A Grade- Split Green Kernel

We also supply Gazvin kernel or Silver pistachio kernels

Our product’s main advantages

The Iranian pistachio kernels are provided from closed-mouth pistachios, so they are strictly Aflatoxin controlled with a light and nice color shell and great taste. All kernels are sorted. Roasted and salted kernels are also available. Our Company has grown to become a professional and trusted manufacturer and supplier of dried fruits and nuts. Providing you with extremely professional support, we are experts in the way we ensure you the quality of our products.

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