Iran produces Saffron about 70 – 90% of the entire world’s production of  Iran’s and is seen as the king of the saffron species. Many historians believe that it was in this region that the cultivation of the purple Crocus sativus saffron flower first began.

Sargol saffron

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Negin Sargol 

Crocine (coloring strength) minimum 215-240, Safranal (flavor & smell) minimum 35, Picrocrocine (bitterness) minimum 80, Moisture under 7%

Negin Pushal 

Crocine (coloring strength)minimum 200-220, Safranal (flavor & smell) minimum 30, Picrocrocine (bitterness) minimum 75, Moisture under 7%


Crocine (coloring strength)minimum 190-210, Safranal (flavor & smell) minimum 30, Picrocrocine (bitterness) minimum 75, Moisture under 8%


Provided from Sargol, Pushal, or Bunch

Our product’s main advantages

The Iranian saffron has a beautiful deep rich color and a full flavor. Our Company has grown to become a professional and trusted manufacturer and supplier of dried fruits and nuts. Providing you with extremely professional support, we are experts in the way we ensure you the quality of our products.

Harvesting Excellence in Khorasan

Iran, particularly the province of Khorasan, boasts a legacy in saffron cultivation. The combination of soil, climate, and centuries-old farming traditions has nurtured Iranians,s  into a globally revered spice.

Distinctive Characteristics

1. Radiant Red Threads

Iranian Saffron is renowned for its vibrant red threads, signifying the potency and quality that sets it apart from others in the market.

2. Aroma of the Persian Plateau

The saffron fields of Iran imbue the spice with a unique floral aroma, a characteristic fragrance that elevates both sweet and savory dishes.

3. Intense Flavor Profile

With notes of honey and earthiness, Iranian imparts a distinctive and intense flavor to culinary creations, making it a coveted ingredient worldwide.

Culinary Wonders with Iranian

1. Persian Culinary Delights

Explore the heart of Iranian cuisine with saffron-infused rice dishes like Zereshk Polo and aromatic stews such as Ghormeh Sabzi, showcasing the essence of Iranian Saffron.

2. Global Fusion

Beyond its roots, Iranian Saffron has woven its way into international kitchens, enhancing the flavors of dishes from Indian biryanis to Spanish paellas.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Value 

A Spice for Well-being

Iranian Saffron is not just a culinary delight; it is also celebrated for its medicinal properties, offering anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, contributing to overall well-being.

Ensuring Quality

Choosing and Storing Iranian

Selecting high-quality Iranian Saffron involves assessing its color, aroma, and thread structure. Proper storage in a cool, dark place preserves its quality and ensures a longer shelf life.

Preserving Heritage, Nurturing Earth

Many Iranian farmers are committed to sustainable practices, preserving both the cultural heritage and the environment for future generations.

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