top 10 pistachio producing countries – top pistachio exporters
pistachio producing countries

top 10 pistachio producing countries – top pistachio exporters

Pistachio Producing Countries

Top Ten

top pistachio producing countries is provided herer as a list of ten.



Rank Country Production in tonnes, 2014
1 Iran 415531
2 United States of America 233146
3 Turkey 80000
4 China 76943
5 Syria 28786
6 Greece 5700
7 Italy 3555
8 Afghanistan 2761
9 Tunisia 2500
10 Spain 2468


The most widely grown is an Iranian variety, Kerman. It is also the predominant variety grown in California.

Iran produces the greatest portion of commercial crops.

Pistachio can’t grow in all places and needs special weather and soil conditions. That’s the reason there are only a few countries in the world that can plant the best quality pistachios. Iran is one of the first three countries that grows the best pistachios around the world. Iranian pistachios are well-known throughout the world.

Iranian pistachios have very high quality, shape, and taste. That’s why most of the wholesale pistachio buyers around the world search for Iranian pistachio companies. That’s because Iranian pistachios grow in the Rafsanjan region in Kerman province, where is the exceptional area to plant this nut. The soil and the air of this area are suitable to plant the most expensive nut in the world.

Iran has a variety of pistachios. That is why you can find more than one type of pistachio in Iran. All the pistachios have the same health benefits. They are high in fiber, rich in protein, and vitamins. Therefore, Iranian pistachios are much healthier than the pistachios from other countries.

Moreover, all types of Iranian pistachios have natural smell and color. Nothing is added to this nut to make change its color. This means that Iranian pistachios are in perfect condition. Iranian pistachios are naturally open and coming in different varieties make this nut very popular throughout the world.

Due to the ideal conditions these nuts grow in, Iranian pistachios can be roasted in higher degrees which is rare among other pistachios.


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