News of December 2019
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News of December 2019

IRAN: Pre-Harvest Forecast for 2019 Crop

(News of February 2019) According to the Iran Pistachio Association’s pre-harvest forecast, the 2019 crop will yield around 220,000 MT of pistachios with the 2018 estimated carry-over of 20,000 MT.

Hence, Iran’s gross inventory at the beginning of the 2019-2020 marketing year will be approximately 220,000 MT, out of which 200,000 MT is estimate for to be exporting.

(Quoted from Iran Pistachio Association 18-098 -2019).News of December 2019.

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PISTACHIO Pre-Harvest Forecast for 2023 Crop

News of May 2019

ALMOND (News of February 2019)

IRAN: Iran’s Almond Production
Iran ranks third in terms of shelled almond production, accounting for 4.6% of global production. In 2018, Iran’s almond-cultivated land is 212,000 hectares (524,000 acreages), where its production quantity is 166,000 tones, up 11% from 2017 (Quoted from Tridge Market 9-09-2019)

RAISIN (News of February 2019)

IRAN: Iran, World’s Second Biggest Raisin Producer, Exporter
According to Davoud Habibi, an official with the Agricultural Ministry’s Horticulture Department, Iran ranks second in both global production and exports of raisins after Turkey.

According to Habibi, Iran’s biggest export destination for grapes and raisins is Russia. Other main customers are some member countries of the European Union, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf countries.

Hamedan Province has around 20,411 hectares of grape orchards that yield 350,000 tons of fruit every year.

Some 58% of these vineyards are in Malayer, which produces more than 203,000 tons of grapes. Jowzan Vally is made up of 17 villages and accounts for the lion’s share of Malayer’s grape production.

Hamedan is Iran’s fifth biggest grape producer after Fars, Qazvin, Khorasan, and West Azarbaijan. (Quoted from Financial Tribune 11-09-2019).News of December 2019.

DATES (News of February 2019)

IRAN: 30% Growth Expected in Iran Date Production

Iran’s date production is expected to reach 1.2 million tons in the current fiscal year (start March 21) to register an over 30% growth compared with last year, the chairman of the National Association of Iranian Dates said.
“We owe this increase in production to favorable climate this year,” According to the official, date exports earned Iran more than $500 million last year (March 2018-19).
Siamak Shahriari, a senior member of the Dried Fruits and Nuts Exporters’ Association, added that 70-80% of dates produced in Iran are consumed domestically and 20-30% are exported.

(Quoted from Financialtribune 10-09-2019)


IRAN: Iran exports Saffron to forty-seven countries in the world

Iran is the world’s biggest producer of saffron and accounts for more than 90 percent of global production.

The country produces an average of 380 tons of saffron on over 108,000 hectares of land annually. The main importers of Iranian saffron are UAE, China, Spain, Italy and France.

Iranian saffron is also exported to China via Hong Kong since the Chinese have ratified high tariffs on Iran’s saffron.

“UAE re-export Iran’s saffron to India and China. (Quoted from Mehrnews 10-09-2019).News of December 2019.

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