News of July 2019

News of July 2019

News of July 2019


IRAN: Iranian Pistachio Marketing Comments

Iran’s pistachio is a dominant product in the world market. Indian subcontinent (variety oriented) has been the main market for Iranian pistachio through May (8000 MT).News of July 2019.

News of July 2020

Out of 15000 MT of pistachio exported to this growing market, Iran’s share stands at 55%, while the US has 45% of the market share through May.

Through May, 75000 of pistachios have been exported to Europe and total 6000 MT of pistachios have been exported to the CIS countries by Iran. (Quoted from Pistachio Association 12- 07 -2019)


IRAN: 12000 Hectares of land is used for almond plantation
Kohkilooyeh & Boyerahmad, a city located in southwest of Iran ranked first in almond plantation in the whole country. Around 12000 hectares of the land of this city are allocated in almond cultivation. Iran is located in the semi dried region of the world.

It has about 50 million hectares suitable areas for agriculture. Around 900 hectares of the almond orchards are rain fed and more than 1200 kg almond are harvested from each hectare. (Quoted from Financial 19 07-2019)


IRAN: Every Year 3000 tons of Figs are Harvested in Semnan Province.
Different varieties of fig are harvested in Semnan province in Iran, among which Yellow Garmsar, Green Semnan, Black Miami and Seedless White are the most important types.

Semnan’s fig is 100 percent organic and won fame for its salutary effects around the world. Every year 3000 MT of Figs are harvested in Semnan province of Iran. Iran’s pistachio is a dominant product in the world market. Indian subcontinent (variety oriented) has been the main market for Iranian pistachio through May (8000 MT).News of July 2019
(Quoted from 29-07- 2019)


IRAN: Hamedan Accounts for 1700 tons of Raisin Export in Iran
Last year 1700 tons of seedless raisin valued at 2,550,000 Dollars have been exported to different countries around the world, with Qatar, Kazakhstan, Russia and Iraq are among the main importers of the product. Holding a high capacity in raisin production and export, Malayer city is the main pole of Hamedan in this regard (Quoted from Mehrnews 11July 2019)


IRAN: Iran Date Exports Earn $300m Since March

Iran is a leading producer of dates in the world by producing more than 1 million tons of the agricultural products each year. Sistan-Baluchestan, Hormuzgan, Kerman, Fars, Bushehr, Khuzestan, Ilam, Kermanshah, Yazd, South Khorasan and Isfahan top the list of Iranian provinces that cultivate dates.

Last year the value of exported Iranian dates stood at $ 300 million. This sweet fruit has many health benefits including strengthening of bones, treatment of intestine diseases, anaemia treatment, allergy treatment, increasing energy, keeping nervous system and heart healthy, preventing from stomach cancer, etc. Harvest time of dates is between the end days of June and September. (Quoted from ISNA Agency 17-07 -2019)


IRAN: Iran exports Saffron to forty-seven countries in the world
Iran exported around $570 million worth of medicinal plants in the last fiscal year (ended March 20), registering a $120 million increase compared to the year before, an official with the Agriculture Ministry said.
Hossein Zeinali added that the ministry is planning to provide the grounds to reach annual revenue of $700 million from the exports of the medicinal herbs by the end of the current year (March 2020).

Some 206,000 hectares are under medicinal plant cultivation in Iran, producing 675,000 tons annually, he said, adding that the area for cultivation such product will increase to more than 280,000 hectares by fiscal 2021-22. Iran is home to about 8,500 species of medicinal herbs.

The official added that the move will help boost domestic income and job creation in different parts of the country. Iran is the world’s biggest producer of saffron and accounts for more than 90% of global production. The country produces an average of 370 tons of saffron on over 108,000 hectares of land per annum.

The country is also the world’s number one producer of Damask rose. According to Zeinali, Iran supplies 90% of rosewater in global markets and accounts for 8-10% of rose essence production in the world. World caraway production is also dominated by Iran. People use caraway oil, fruit, and seeds as medicine. (Quoted from Mehrnews 21-07-2019)

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