News of March 2020

News of March 2020

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March 2020


IRAN: Iranian pistachio exports similar to previous years

The Iranian pistachio exports were at normal volumes this January, reaching a similar level to those of the same month in 2018 and 2016, each of which was an on year in the crop cycle. (Quoted from IEG Vu 3-03-2020)


IRAN: India-Iran trade has grown in the last 20 years despite sanctions against the west Asian country
Iran-India trade has grown in recent years despite US sanctions against Iran.
India imports various products from Iran. For instance, India imported 34$ million worth almonds from Iran during the period of 2014 and 2019, which forms the major shares of its market. (Quoted from 2-03-2020)


IRAN: Iran Exports to Eurasian Economic Union Double to Surpass $1.2 Billion
Russia was the main export destination for Iranian exports, as more than $387.72 million worth of goods were shipped to this country. According to Spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration Rouhollah Latifian, Russia was the main export destination for Iranian exports with $387.72 million worth of goods, Mehr News Agency reported. Russia was followed by Armenia and Kazakhstan. Iran’s main exported commodities to the Eurasian bloc included different types of Raisins. (Quoted from Financialtribune 11-03-2020)


IRAN: Coronavirus impact: Prices of dry fruits from Iran likely to rise in UAE
Prices of food items from Iran such as dates and other imports are likely to rise in the near future, say local retailers. Amid Covid-19-related tightening of cross-border travels and news of Dubai cancelling flights to and from Iran – local Iranian retailers are said to be stocking up on food imports from the country as they fear this may affect the flow of goods in the near term. “At the moment we are still receiving food shipments from Iran,” Mehdi Kaha Bazi, an Iranian trader who runs a retail shop in Al Ras, Dubai. “But we don’t know how long this will continue.” “With Ramadan coming up and the demand for dry fruits soaring, we (local Iranian retailers) in UAE are stocking up on dry fruit and other food items that are popular in UAE from Iran. We have to ensure there is enough supply for the next few months especially during Ramadan,” said Baz. (Quoted from Freshplaza 18-02-2020)


Iran fourth major fig producer in world
The General Director of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits Department of Agriculture Ministry, Masoud Latifian, said Tuesday that Iran is annually producing some 80,000 tons of figs and ranks fourth in world’s fig production. He went on to say that Turkey, annually producing some 255,000 tons of fig, ranks first in this regard, adding that totally some 1 million tons of this fruit is harvest per year across the globe. As reported by World Atlas website on June 1, Egypt and Morocco are the second and third big producers of fig while Algeria, Greece, Syria, the US and Spain stand below Iran in this ranking.


IRAN: Performance-Based Contracting Helps Farmers Boost Productivity
An official with the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare said performance-based contracting has been put in place for a total of 10,000 farmers over the past one and a half years and this has improved their productivity, ensured the sales of their products and consequently boosted their income.
Reza Taziki added that some main exporters and producers of saffron signed contracts with 10,000 farmers before the harvest season and guaranteed the purchase of their products at a specific price, Fars News Agency reported.
“Performance-based contracting resulted in higher quality of products, extra income of up to 10 million rials ($74) per kilogram of saffron for farmers and removal of middlemen,” he said. (Quoted from Financial Tribune 1-03-2020)




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