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November 2019


IRAN: Some 17,000 tons of pistachios harvested in central Iran
Governor of Anar County, Kerman province, central Iran, Ali Zahroudi said on Wednesday that despite temperature fluctuations more than 17,000 tons of pistachios were harvested from 20,000 hectare gardens of pistachio in the area. Ali Zahroudi pointed that Anar County is among the most productive points for pistachios. He said that the pistachio harvest festival is to be held on Thursday with the participation of some domestic and foreign guests. More than 21,000 tons of the nut were exported between March and September, generating over nearly $178 million in revenues. (Quoted from IRNA 29-11 -2019)


INDIA: India tariffs threatens California almond
India this month imposed tariffs on almonds and 27 other American products, including apples and walnuts, in retaliation for the U.S. ending India’s preferential trade status. Those tariffs took effect June 16 and come on top of a significant tariffs China placed on almonds last year. The tariffs add about 12 cents per pound to shelled almonds, a 20 percent increase, and about 4 cents for those still in their shells, a rise of 17%. (Quoted from Apnews 12-11=2019)


IRAN: Iran’s Raisin outweighs Californa Thompson in quality
Iran ranks 1st in fruit production in the Middle East and North Africa. Although Iran grows a great many varieties of dried grapes and several different ones, the Sultana varieties is far and away dominant in the raisin industry. It is a seedless variety closely related to Thompson seed-less raisin of America. But definitely of higher quality and tastes compared to Thompson. (Quoted from Mehrnews 19-11-2019)


IRAN: “2019 Crop is Expected to be very high in Quality”
Due to rainy spring and high levels of precipitation that Iran had this year after a few years of drought, 2019’s crop is expected to be healthy and very good. Iranian growers are using traditional methods while planting, growing and harvesting. This means they’re cultivating dates the same way acted as their ancestors from a hundred years back. So, Iranian dates, with their nice aroma and pleasant sweetness, are one of the best in the world. Iran is located in the world’s major growing land of date fruit. As a matter of fact, the Persian Gulf, with an almost 7000 years history of growing dates, is well-known in the world as the motherland of this fruits. (Quoted from FleshPlaza 14-11-2019)


IRAN: Iran accounting for 90% of world’s saffron output
Some 115,000 hectares of land are under saffron cultivation in Iran, while the world’s total saffron farmlands stand at 122,000 hectares,” Deputy agriculture Minister, Mohammad Ali Tahmasebi added. The official noted that the production of the priceless plant is observing a rapid growth, and some 5,000 hectares of land are added to saffron farms every year. According to Hossein Zeinali, the medicinal plants’ project manager of Iran’s Agriculture Ministry, Iranian farmers are expected to produce a total of 430 tons of saffron in the current fiscal year (March 2019-2020). Saffron is cultivated in 22 Iranian provinces; Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan and South Khorasan provinces, in eastern Iran, account for almost 90% of the country’s total saffron output. Reportedly, the saffron industry has created some 200,000 jobs across the pre-harvest, harvest, post-harvest, processing, sorting and packaging chain. Iran produced 404 tons of saffron during the year to March 20, of which 280 tons were exported. The priceless spice was sent to more than 40 countries. Spain, Vietnam, Qatar and the UAE were Iran’s biggest saffron importers during the period, he added. (Quoted from Mehrnews 11-11-2019)



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