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 Pistachio harvest begins in Iran, 2023 Good Year


Iran Dates:

About 400 varieties of dates are cultivated in Iran, but only some of them, mentioned bellow, because their tastes compose the major kinds. DATES


Fresh date, black in color, available in AAA, AA and A grades


Semi dried with moisture under %15, dark brown in color, Available in AAA, AA and A grades


semi-dried with moisture under 15% , dark brown , long in size , available in pitted or non-pitted forms. The grades of sayer date are mentioned below: 1 – Super Select maximum 70 pieces/lb. 2 – Select Grade A maximum 75 pieces/lb. 3 – GAQ maximum 115 pieces/lb. 4 – FAQ (smaller sizes, no specific count/lb.)


dry with a moisture of under 14% ,yellowish gold in color, available in AAA, AA and A grades.


soft in nature with a moisture under %18, round in size, and the color varies from light brown to dark brown.


semi-dried with moisture under %15, soft, dark brown in color and long in size .

Our products main advantages

Iranian Dates are almost organic, unique in taste and quality. Our Company has grown to become a professional and trusted manufacturer and supplier of dried fruits and nuts. Providing you with extremely professional support, we are expert in the way we ensure you the quality of our products.

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