Iran saffron, Iran pistachio

Iran pistachio, saffron, raisin, almond

Iran Pistachio

Iran dried fruit company exports all kinds of Iran pistachio such as: Iran Ahmad Aghaie pistachio , Iran Fandoghi pistachio (Round pistachio), pistachio Akbari (Long Pistachio), Jumbo Pistachio (Kale ghuchi pistachio / Kale quchi pistachio) and very green pistachio kernel AAA and green pistachio kernel AA, Very green Ghazvin Pistachio Kernal and green peeled Pistachio Kernel. Order Iran pistachio

Iranian pistachio uses: Iran pistachio is used in: pistachio ice cream, pistachio cake, pistachio nuts, salted pistachio nuts, Roasted salted pistachio nuts, roasted unsalted pistachio nuts. Pistachio packages are very good for gift.

Iran saffron

Various grades of Iran saffron are: Iran sargol saffron, saffron bunch, pure super grade Sargol saffron, top quality Sargol saffron. Also there are various kinds of saffron packing. Order Iran saffron

Iran almond

We produce Iran almond. Iran almond in best quality and price: Iran Mamra almond size 105, Mamra almond size 120, Mamra almond site 110, paper skin almond, mamra almond powder, Mamra almond diced and mamra almond sticks. Order Iran almond

Iran raisin

Iran raisin types: Iran golden raisin, green raisin, Sultana Raisin (Light Brown raisin), Golden raisin (Kashmar raisin). Order Iran raisin

Iran dates fruit

Iran dates fruit are very famous in the world: Iran Mazafati Dates, Zahedi dates, Iran Piarom dates, Iran Sayer Dates, Kabkab dates, Rabbi dates, Shahabi dates, chapped dates. dates fruit is a very healthy nutrition. Order Iran Dates fruit

Iran apricot dried fig walnut

Other dried fruits and nuts are: Iran Apricot, Jumbo apricot, Dried Sulphured Apricot, Iran fig, Open Mouth Dried Fig, close mouth fig, Iran walnut in shell and Halves Walnut. Order walnut. Order Iran dried fig.

Iran Pistachio
Pistachio Kernel
Iran Saffron
Iran Raisin


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Dried Fruit exporter

As a leading manufacturer and exporter of Iran dried fruits and nuts including Iran pistachio,Iran Saffron, Iran Raisin, Iran Almond, Iran Fig, Iran Dates, Iran Walnut, Iran Apricot and more. we are boasting about our abilities to provide our customers around the world with best quality products that meet or exceed their requirements.

Iran is locating in the best climatically and meteorologically conditions and profiting the best sun affects, Our products are admirable in taste and odor and are right products offered for every taste.
We are the supplier for fresh tasty naturally grown nuts which are led by our passion to supply fresh, flavorful and pesticide-free products that not only keep pace with global needs, but anticipate them as well.
Combining the traditional farming methods that are still used by our local farmers with our experience of the past, our high-tech laboratories, experienced technologists and highly motivated team work players who deeply believe in producing high quality products in the limited period of time, we earned a reputation for having a solid relationship with customers and providing the best insurance product at the lowest price.

Iran Pistachio

Iran is biggest pistachio producer in the world. Iranian pistachios are very delicious and are available in many varieties and flavors. We produce and export all kind of pistachios including Round Pistachio (Fandoghi Pistachio), Jumbo Pistachio (Kalle Ghuchi Pistachio), Long Pistachio (Akbari Pistachio), Long Pistachio (Ahmad Aghaee Pistachio) and more. For more information you can visit Iran Pistachio

Iran Saffron

Iran harvest about 70 - 90% of the entire world production of saffron. Iran Saffron is seen as the king of the saffron species. We produce and export all kind of saffron including Sargol Saffron (All Red Saffron), Pushal Saffron (Mancha Saffron), Daste Saffron (Bunch Saffron) and Powder Saffron. For more information you can visit Iran Saffron

Iran Raisin

Iran is one of the biggest exporter of raisin in the world. The advantage of Iranian Raisins is principally its price and different methods of processing, and that's the reason why Iranian Raisins are amongst the Best raisins in the world. We produce and export all kind of Raisins including Sultana Raisin (light Brown Raisin), Sultana Raisin (Dark Brown Raisin), Golden Raisin (Round-California Raisin), Golden Raisin Jumbo (Kashmari Raisin), Green Raisin Jumbo (Kashmari Raisin) and more. For more information you can visit Iran Raisin

Iran Dates

About 400 varieties of dates are cultivated in Iran, but only some of them are exported, because their tastes compose the major kinds. We produce and export all kind of dates including Mazafati Dates, Piarom Dates, Sayer Dates, Zahedi Dates, kabkab Dates, Rabbi Dates, Shahabi Dates, Chapped Dates and more. For more information about dates you can visit Iran Dates
Iran pistachio, Iran saffron, almond raisin dried fig dates fruit
Special Offers

Sargol Saffron (All Red)

Grades:Negin Sargol , Sargol
Coloring (Negin...

Sultana Raisin (light Brown)

Grades: Laser Sort – Normal Sort
Machin / Shadow...

Paper Skin Almond

we are one of the biggest producers and suppliers of...

Mazafati Dates

This fresh date grows in Kerman region. The coloring of...

Round Pistachio (Fandoghi)

Available Sizes(pcs/oz) : 28/30 – 30/32 – 32/34

Round Pistachio Kernel

This kernel is from Fandoghi pistachios.


Gppk Green Pistachio A

GPPK is Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel, mainly used in...
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