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News of May 2016
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May 2016


US: US pistachio shipments' sharp decline continues
US pistachio shipments remain substantially behind those of the previous season, Primex International Trading Corporation noted in its latest report on the sector.“As expected, April shipments were down about 30% year-on-year. Year-to-date shipments are also down 30% and this trend is expected to continue,” the company observed.
US pistachio shipments last month totalled 20 million lbs, 8 mln lbs lower. (Quoted from Agranet 11-05-2016)


US: Almond market bullish due to lack of sellers
US almond prices have shown further increases over the last month on strong demand against limited offers, Primex International Trading Corporation noted in its latest report on the sector.
“Almond prices have increased between 25-55 cents per lb, depending on the item, from our last report,” the company observed. “The largest increase has been for nonpareil variety, which is up 55 cents per lb. Offers continue to be scarce. (Quoted from Agranet 26-05-2016)


Turkey: Turkish vine fruit exports drop by 30%
Turkish sultanas and raisins exports continue to be lower than last year with an overall decrease of around 30%.
Total export figures to date have reached approximately 135,000 tonnes with an average price of USD2,100/tonne fob Izmir. The 50% reduction in demand from Germany has hit the Turkish industry hard. (Quoted Agranet 26-05--2016)


Dried dates are key ingredient for snack bars
Dried dates are a useful base ingredient in snack bars and this was revealed by PLMA exhibitor Castus.
The company’s range of snack bars have no added sugar, preservatives or salts. They comprise dried dates which have been mashed up, mixed with other dried fruits to produce the added flavour, and then extruded into bars. (Quoted from Agranet May 25-05-2016)


US: California fresh fig crop on target for strong summer volume
Fresh figs from California began being shipped in early May with the Breva crop (fruit from the previous year’s budwood) from desert production taking center stge. But by the end of May, the southern San Joaquin Valley will also start producing and strong production should continue throughout the summer as all districts transition to the main crop.
Karla Stockli, who is the chief executive officer of the California Fig Advisory Board, told The Produce News May 9 that the crop was right on schedule. “It’s still a little early to know with certainty the outlook for the crop. However, the crop is on-track with normal production starting in early May.” (Quoted from The produce News 14-05-2016)
News of May 2016
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