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News of April 2016
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APRIL 2016


IRAN: Iran to replace all Turkish food imports to Russia
On Thursday 28 April, Russia reported that it had received reassurances from Iran over the country's ability to replace Turkey in terms of food imports.
"Iran solemnly promises: we’ll replace the whole of Turkey in the deliveries of perishable goods to Russia," said Russia’s Federal Customs Service Chief Andrei Belyaninov.
Belyaninov suggested that this will be part of a new arrangement between Iran and Russia that would in a later stage entail the opening of a green corridor between the two countries.
"We’ll go there [to Iran] in May to sign a green corridor deal," ITAR-TASS news agency quoted the official as saying.

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, who is co-chairman of the Russian-Iranian inter-governmental commission for trade and economic cooperation, said earlier that Iran could supply fruits and vegetables worth no less than $1 billion to Russia annually.
Russia intends to buy pistachio nuts, dates and grapes. Russian trade chains have said they are ready to increase purchases of foodstuffs from Iran. Moreover, in some cases, they can replace the Turkish foodstuffs earlier banned by Russia in light of the deteriorating political relations between the two countries.

Officials in Tehran said in mid-January that some 500 truckloads of food items and different kinds of fruits had been exported to Russia within a week. (Quoted from Agranet 16-04-2016)


US: US almond shipments lagging behind by about 7%
California’s overall almond shipments are still behind those of last year, running around 7% down for the 2015/16 season to the end of March.
The eighth position report for the 2015/16 season from the Almond Board of California (ABC) showed that volumes sold overseas this March amounted to 119.38 million lbs, compared with 133.8 mln lbs in the same month of 2014. (Quoted from Agranet 14-04-2016)


IRAN: Iran exports $188m of ag products from Astara port
A senior Iranian official has reported that agricultural products worth over $188 million were exported from the Astara port during the last Iranian year.

More than 30 different kinds of agricultural products weighing a total of 232,258 tonnes including mainly raisins and pistachios were exported to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Central Asian countries and Caucasus, the official was quoted as saying in an Iran Daily News report.

Astara is located in the north east of Gilan, Iran. (Quoted from Trade Arabia 1-04--2016)


IRAN: Iranian saffron up for global registration
Seyyed Mehdi Mirsalehi told the closing ceremony of the 10th National Hand-Woven Carpet Olympiad in Mashhad that declaration letter for global registration of the Iranian crop has been filed earlier and it will be registered in near future.
Currently, Khorasan Razavi province produces some 80 percent of saffron in Iran.
Brand making is considered one of the principles of trade and Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has set up Directorate for Supporting Spiritual Ownership with the aim of backing brand making and global registration of the Iranian goods, Mirsalehi said. (Quoted from Irna 1-4-2016)


IRAN: Iran expects much bigger crop of Sayer dates
Iran’s 2016 crop of Sayer (Sair) dates will be 30% more than that of 2015, according to an official in Iran chamber of commerce.
The company also expects the quality of new crop dates to be much better than that of last year.
The main reason for this suggestion is acceptable rainy days in last winter/autumn, which makes the Sayer dates better quality and a bigger size. (Quoted from Agranet 19-04-2016)


TURRKEY: Russian embargo on Turkish dried fruit and nuts
Kazakhstan and Belarus are also refusing to take imports from Turkey.
Prior to 2016, Turkey was the largest supplier of these products to the Customs Union and other countries of the post-Soviet bloc, however the situation has significantly changed this year. (Quoted from Agranet 7-04-2016)
News of April 2016
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