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News of February 2016
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February 2016


USA: High prices hampering US pistachio exports

US pistachio shipments for the current season to the end of January are running 30% behind those of the same period in 2014/15, Primex International Trading Corporation said in its latest US Pistachio Update newsletter. The company explained that year-to-date total shipments are at 143 million lbs, a decrease of 60 mln lbs (-30%) from last year. Domestic shipments are down almost 10 mln lbs (-12%) from 2014/15 while export shipments have fallen by nearly 51 mln lbs.(Quoted from Agranet 20-01-2016)


US: Impossible that US returns to full production one year out from the end of a drought

California, the mainstay of US almond production, was emerging from a long drought, which had driven almond prices to high levels.

Almonds prices had peaked at about $14/kg last year but were now priced at about $10/kg. During the global financial crisis, almond prices were about $6 a kg. The market is assuming it will go down to those lows.

The market had assumed the US would return to full production one year out from the end of a drought, which isn't possible. It is very unlikely the US crop will bounce back quickly.” (Quoted from Freshplaza 22-02-2016)


US: 2015 California grape crush 7 percent lighter
The preliminary estimate is in and the 2015 California grape crush totaled 3,862,385 tons, down 7 percent from 4,144,534 tons in 2014, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).
As in recent years, red wine varieties were the largest share of all grapes crushed, at 2,037,083 tons, down 5 percent from 2014. The white wine variety crush totaled 1,662,159 tons, down 5 percent from 2014.
Meanwhile, raisin type variety tonnage was 92,432, down 41 percent from 2014.
Tons crushed of table type varieties were down 25 percent from 2014 at 70,711 tons. (Quoted from Farmpress 10-02-2016)


IRAN: Iran Saffron is to be exported to the US for the first time in 15 years.
The expensive spice, which can cost more by the ounce than gold, is to be exported to the US for the first time in 15 years.Mohammad Javad Rezaie, the head of Iran’s saffron exports development fund, has said that the first shipment will reach the US next week and predicted that the removal of sanctions and direct trade with Europe will boost its exports by 40% in the near future. After the implementation of the nuclear deal between Iran and [the west], a number of countries such as Spain want to directly buy saffron from Iran.
According to Iranian officials, Iran has produced a record 310 metric tonnes of saffron this year so far, and a kilo has reached 72m rials (£1,300). In 2014, Iran exported about 170 tonnes of saffron, worth $244m, to a total of 53 countries. Much of it was produced in the northern Khorasan province. (Quoted from TheGuuardians 4-02-2016)


Turkey: Turkey’s Export to Russia and Middle East came to halt

Turkey’s exports to Russia and the Middle Eastern markets have ground to a halt, and the share to Europe cannot be increased. The Russian crisis, which began in November, negatively affected fresh fruit and vegetable exports. Tensions in the Middle East have also been reflected in the market. So fresh fruit and vegetable exports to the region have ground to a halt.
2016 will be a difficult year for fresh fruit and vegetable exports. Turkey has not still felt the effects of the loss of its main market. It will be a year before this loss is really felt. (Quoted from Hortidaily 2-02-2016)

News of February 2016
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