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News of January 2016
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January 2016


USA: US pistachio shipments reflect slow pace of trade
US pistachio shipments last month were substantially behind those of December 2013 and the year-to-date total is also showing a major shortfall. In a report released today, Primex International Trading Corporation noted that total shipments in December 2015 reached 28 million lbs, a decline of 22.7 mln lbs or 44.5% from the same month in 2013. December shipments continue the downward slide. (Quoted from Agranet 20-01-2016)


USA : Almond growers want rain and bees
The two things that California's almond growers need- rain and bees, do not mix well together. While the growers hoped for rainfall relief, reports, they are now concerned that the persistent cold, wet weather brought on by El Nino might dampen pollination activity and potentially trigger lower crop yields.

Insufficient pollination is a big variable for the agricultural industry. "It's a critically important factor," said Janie Gatzman, a senior appraiser for American AgCredit, which specializes in financial services to agricultural customers.

The threat of an El Nino "wet bloom" is even more striking for almond growers in the Central Valley.

California has endured four consecutive years of a drought. Amid low supplies, water prices have swung wildly — from $2,000 per acre foot in the southern part of the Central Valley to around $5 an acre foot in the northern portion, depending on local variables

With such dramatic changes in water prices, more farmers have incentives to bet their farm and livelihood on higher margin, permanent crops. (Quoted from Freshplaza 27-01-2016)


US total raisin shipments running 7% behind
Figures from the Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC) show that US shipments of all raisin types were at 138,124 packed tonnes for the first five months of the current season (August 1-December 31 2015) against 148,938 tonnes in the same stage of 2014/15. The cumulative total includes shipments to the domestic market and into Canada, which reached 92,652 tonnes in the 2015/16 period, a decline of only 1% from a year ago. The 45,472 tonnes that accounted for the export portion of the total was 17% down. (Quoted from Freshplaza 26-01-2016)


IRAN: Saffron export is going to be increased
International sanctions against Iran were lifted this week, but there are still many restrictions on trade between Iran and the United States. A number of Iranian products will be allowed in though, including caviar, carpets and saffron. Spain imports and relabels Iranian saffron as their own. (Quoted from IranProjects 12-01-2016)


Year-round Turkish fig exports
Figs are Aydin’s(Turkey's Aegean Region) most important export product and see huge demand, but this demand can be met in 3-4 months of production. Due to the lack of cold storage, figs grown in the province are exported fresh. Recent rainfall caused a 10% loss. Exports start in September and finish in January- February. Due to the rapid export of figs it is not possible to provide the desired level of added value. (Quoted from Freshplaza 14-01-2016)
News of January 2016
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